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Colombian Mail Order Brides: Why Colombian Girls For Dating Are Worth It

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If you’re searching for the best dating platform with thousands of Colombian brides, you’ve come to the right place. Each website on the following list is worth the registration—so if you’re going to meet a Colombian lady, there is no better place than these sites!

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More than 1,000 Colombian mail order brides got a K-1 visa in 2019. This fact makes Colombia the second most popular Latin country only to Brazil regarding mail order brides and international relationships. Getting a Colombian wife is a great idea—and here, we’ll tell you at least 6 reasons why!

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Why choose Colombian women for marriage?

As we’ve just said, getting a Colombian mail order wife is a great idea. Here, we’ll tell you why:

  • Columbian girls are extremely hot. If you’ve ever imagined a perfect Latina with a fit body, beautiful smile, and tanned skin, you’ll be impressed with Columbian brides because the absolute majority of them look like this! They are not just naturally beautiful, of course. They also know everything about fashion and makeup, but even this isn’t all. What’s much more important when it comes to the beauty of Colombian mail order brides is their confidence and passion.
  • Their confidence is an extremely important character trait. Colombian brides know what they’re looking for, they are not afraid to get what they want, they know that they are gorgeous, and they are not afraid to show it. These women only date men they are genuinely interested in, so you don’t need to worry that your Columbian bride dates you just because you’re a foreigner. These women radiate confidence and you just have to see them to feel it!
  • These women, like other Latin ladies, are very feminine. They are sensitive and warm, sweet and caring—but at the same time, they are very strong. You shouldn’t expect a Columbian mail order bride to stay at home 24/7 raising kids because that’s not what they want in life anymore.
  • Colombian women are happy! The Latin nation is one of the happiest ones in the world, and that’s something very hard to describe with words but very easy to notice when a Colombian girlfriend is around you. If you want your future wife to be happy, to be optimistic, and to feel satisfied with her life, a Colombian mail order bride is a perfect choice for you.
  • You will not have to break the ice on the first date with a Colombian bride. The thing is, there’s no ice when it comes to dating Latin women, and Colombian ladies aren’t an exception. They are very flirty, friendly, and open-minded—that’s something you will enjoy from the very first date.
  • They love dating foreigners. As we’ve said, they are very open-minded, and there are thousands of Colombian girls who think that dating a foreign guy is a cool thing. However, they don’t speak English—only 4% of Colombians claim they can speak this language. You can either not care about it at all because 4% of the Colombian population is still a large number (2,000,000 people) or learn some Spanish to be able to communicate with Colombian mail order brides.

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Why do Colombian brides seek Western men?

Even though more than 1,000 Colombian girls for marriage got married to American men in 2019, we still can’t say that Colombian women dream of meeting a Westerner. They like foreign men, they are very flirty and unprejudiced, but it’s impossible to say that there are millions or hundreds of thousands of Colombian mail order brides.

As for those thousands of young women who want to get married to an American man, it’s simple: they want to get a better life and they want to be treated with more respect. The first statement is easy to understand because the US is a more developed country than Colombia. The second one is also clear. The thing is, Colombian men still have a conservative patriarchal mindset where treating a woman as equal is something not worthy of being taken into consideration. Young, beautiful, and well-educated Colombian beauties want to find a husband who will treat them well—that’s why they want to meet a foreigner.

How much does an Colombian mail order bride cost?

Most Colombian dating websites are not free to use—a premium subscription is typically required. It costs around $50-$80 per month, but that’s not all. You’ll also have to pay for a trip to Colombia and for the wedding. Here’s how much it costs:

  1. A roundtrip flight to Bogota costs $300-$400
  2. 1 week in Colombia costs $600-$900
  3. The wedding will cost you around $3,300-$5,000


If you want to find an extremely hot, passionate, fun, and optimistic woman, Colombian wives are the right choice. These women make great wives and mothers—and thanks to all those international dating sites, you do not even need to go to Colombia to meet them!